Using Calorad

Calorad® supports lean muscle, which in turn facilitates “fat” loss.

Collagen – The glue that holds us together.

  • Collagen is a protein that makes up about 30 percent of your body.
  • Collagen is a natural component in our tendons, joints, ligaments, muscles, hair, etc.
  • As we age, our bodies no longer produce the same level of collagen or amino acids.
  • Major results of collagen loss are:
    • wrinkles on the outside
    • breakdown of lean muscle and connective tissue on the inside.
  • Collagen degeneration continues until you supply your body with proper supplementation.

Losing weight is by far the reason most people decide to try a weight loss program but there are more benefits to the whole physical being than just looking better as a result of losing weight. Most weight loss programs ignore the simple truth that collagen is the glue that binds us together and that collagen is lost as we age.
The result of collagen loss is wrinkles on the outside and breakdown of lean muscle and connective tissue on the inside. Calorad offers a collagen weight loss program which seeks to restore the collagen that you lose as you age.

Collagen is extremely rich in the amino acids Proline and Glycine. Calorad delivers a collagen weight loss program which takes advantage of the Peak Periods for the absorption of amino acids. The result is that you have a collagen weight loss program at work for you right round the clock. Calorad is not a medication, this is a dietary supplement. Each individual is different therefore they need to try it for themselves to see how this will help them.

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