Calorad Classic (Marine) – 3 Bottles


Serving Size : 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)
Number Of Serving : 30 per Bottle
Product Size : 16.9 fl oz (500 ml) per Bottle


Calorad is the most powerful, dynamic, liquid collagen-based dietary supplement available on the market today. By providing both essential and non-essential amino acids, Calorad helps you boost your metabolism, rebuild lean muscle tissue and restore a natural collagen base of self-repair.

As you age, your body produces less collagen-based tissue and every day we are exposed to compromising environmental factors. The result of collagen loss is wrinkles on the outside and breakdown of lean muscle and connective tissue on the inside. Simply put, your fat/muscle ratio changes. This process of degeneration will continue until you supply your body with proper supplementation. Calorad naturally helps the body restore its collagen base by providing highly absorbable nourishing collagen protein. The product is uniquely formulated with a cold enzymatic process, which makes the protein extremely bio-available and readily absorbed to assist the body’s production of lean muscle tissue, which in turn, utilizes more fat.

Calorad not only helps you lose inches but it has several other health Benefits too:

  • Restful sleep,
  • Supports metabolic processes,
  • Healthier skin, fingernails and hair,
  • Repairs tissue in weak or chronically injured areas,
  • Assimilation of naturally occurring growth hormone,
  • Helps the body use fat and sugars for fuel.

Q: What’s the difference between the marine and bovine formulas? Does one work better?
The difference lies in the source of the collagen, being beef or deep-sea tuna. One formula is not recommended over the other, it’s a matter of preference. We introduced the marine formula more than two years ago to address a vegetarian and kosher market. The main difference in the alternate collagen sources is the actual composition of the amino acid chain (certain amino acids will be in higher or lower proportions). We do not have any evidence to conclude that one formula works better than the other for weight loss, every body is different.

Q: Do I have to make other lifestyle changes?
No…there are no specific dietary restrictions/changes with Calorad, however, eating sensibly and being active will definitely increase your likelihood of success, and improving the status of your overall health. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water daily is also important.

Q: Are there any tips you can provide to ensure success/results?
Here are a few tips that will help:
Timing: Taking Calorad should be the very last thing you do before going to sleep. It’s very important that you try and fall asleep right after take Calorad, so it can work with your body’s natural repair cycle.

Cheating: You are really only cheating yourself. Eating or drinking anything except water in the three hours prior to taking Calorad will reduce the effectiveness. When your body finds anything in your digestive system, it will use it for fuel (to heal and repair). When there is nothing there, your body has no choice but to turn to stored fat for that fuel.

Water: Drinking appropriate amounts of water, at least 64 oz (one half gallon) per day, helps rid the body of the excess build-up of toxins that are a by-product of fat metabolism.

Overeating: Overeating is stressful to the digestive system. While using Calorad, a reasonable diet is recommended. Consuming more calories than you can burn off will hamper your progress.

Exercise: We recommend a regular exercise program. Exercise is always helpful in conjunction with any health and wellness program.

Q: Is there any stimulant like, ma huang or caffeine (herbal or otherwise) within Calorad?
Calorad contains absolutely no stimulants, herbal or otherwise.

Q: Can I drink tea/coffee/juice in the three hours prior to my Calorad dosage?
No. Anything other than water may activate your digestive system. Water is, however, always encouraged.

Purified water, oxygenated water, collagen hydrolysat (from fish), aloe vera, glycerin, potassium sorbate, propyl paraben and natural lemonade flavoring.

Take one tablespoon of Calorad on an empty stomach with 8 fl.oz of water just before you go to sleep. It can be either stirred into a glass of water, or followed by water.

Pregnant and lactating women and prepubescent children should not use Calorad.


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