Calorad Classic Combo (Bovine) – 2 Calorad PM + 1 Agrisept-L


Number Of Serving : 30 Day Supply per Calorad Bottle
Product Size : Calorad – 16.9 fl oz (500 ml)/ Agrisept-L – 30 ml


Please Note: Shipping of $14.50 will be added per Combo.

Calorad Value Pack (BovineFormula) includes – Calorad 2 Bottles (16.9oz/500ml) + Agrisept-L (1 oz/30 ml)

Lose Weight While You Sleep!

Calorad is the most powerful, dynamic, liquid collagen-based dietary supplement available on the market today. It is our greatest success story and a necessary staple that re-introduces vital nutrients into your body. By providing both essential and non-essential amino acids, Calorad helps you lose weight, rebuild lean muscle tissue and restore a natural collagen base of self-repair. In the first 45-90 minutes of sleep your body enters “Delta Slep Mode”. This is the state when the body repairs itself and it is at this state that Calorad PM will work. Calorad also helps improve the quality of your sleep!

Calorad is a liquid protein supplement that works to replenish collagen levels in our bodies and collagen is the ’glue’ that holds the body together. As we age, collagen levels in our bodies drop and this can result in excess weight, less flexibility, loose skin, etc.

Calorad provides a perfect chain of amino acids to support your body in many critical areas – fat loss, assistance in rebuilding lean muscle mass, help with restoration of the body’s collagen base, along with improvements in stamina and energy!

  • Help rebuild muscle and support the repair of skin, hair, nails and much more!
  • Better fat burning results to assist weight loss by efficiently boosting your metabolism.
  • Calorad penetrates the hard-to-reach belly fat, reduces your cravings for unhealthy food choices and suppresses your appetite naturally and healthfully.
  • The product is uniquely formulated with a cold enzymatic process, which makes the protein extremely bio-available and readily absorbed to assist the body’s production of lean muscle tissue, which in turn, burns and utilizes more fat as an energy source.
  • Calorad helps the body heal from within. Calorad Advanced is a bio-available, collagen-based protein that assists in tissue and cell repair, supporting the development of lean muscle mass and thereby creating a more efficient metabolism.
  • Naturally suppresses appetite, without stimulants.
  • Contains NO ephedra, caffeine, ma huang, or harmful stimulants! Calorad is all natural!
  • When taken with Agrisept it accelerate your weight loss by effectively ridding your body of major weight loss inhibitors, Candida & parasites.
  • Calorad helps restore your collagen and nourishes your tissues.

What is the Difference?

Calorad (Bovine)

The collagen found in Calorad (Bovine) is derived from cows. A lot of people who eat meat use the bovine formula. The choice is up to you.

Calorad (Marine)

Calorad (Marine) is derived from deep sea tuna. A lot of people who are vegetarians will prefer the marine version while people who eat meat use the bovine formula. The choice is up to you.

What is Agrisept-L?

Agrisept-L is our weight loss accelerator. It is a mixture of citrus extracts that work together to help eliminate the body of Candida, or yeast. A lot of people have trouble losing weight as they have too much yeast in the body. Agrisept-L cleanses unwanted yeast in the body. By balancing your body’s flora and fungus levels, it maximizes the benefits of Calorad’s collagen supplementation.

Agrisept-L® can be an excellent way to start any health program because it may address inhibitors to weight loss. It acts on the inhibitors or weight loss such as molds, Candida albicans (yeast), influenza virus and parasites.

Calorad Value Pack – Calorad PM (Bovine) + Agrisept-L Weight Loss System

Calorad: 12mg – Sodium
3000mg – Protein
8mg – Aloe Vera
340mg – Collagen Hydrolysate
Calorad Liquid Supplement: Oxygenated water, collagen hydrolysate (bovine or marine), aloe vera, glycerin, potassium sorbate, lemonade flavoring, methyl paraben and propyl paraben.

Agrisept L: Citrus Grapefruit, Citrus Bergamot, Citrus Sweet Orange, Citrus Tangerine, Organic Acids, Vegetal Glycerine.

Calorad: Each night, before bedtime and on an empty stomach, take a measured half ounce (one tablespoon) of Calorad with water. (Use a plastic measuring spoon or cup, or simply fill two Calorad bottle caps full.)

Agrisept L: Mix about 10 drops of Agrisept-L per gallon of clear water for cleaner drinking. Stir vigorously and let stand for a few minutes. To address excess yeast use 8-10 drops in a glass of water or juice, three times daily


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