Calorad Story

Thank goodness for those chubby Canadian chickens . . .

In 1983, Michel Grisé, dedicated visionary French Canadian and master formulator, was asked by desperate poultry farmers to slim down their chubby chickens so they could lay eggs again. Fatty liver syndrome had cropped up in their chicken flocks, and try as they might, these birds just couldn’t squeeze their eggs out anymore. Too much fat was constricting their “chutes” and the chicken farmers were losing lots of money with their plugged-up hens!

That’s when Michel Grisé formulated the original version of Calorad. He sprinkled it into the chicken feed, and within just one week, the hens were laying eggs again! The chicken farmers were very happy, and news of this incredible breakthrough spread to neighboring hog and cattle farms.

Soon, pig and cattle farmers were clamoring for Calorad formulations for their livestock, so they could bring leaner pigs and cows to market and get higher prices for the heavier animals. The farmers had fallen in love with Calorad and for good reason. They were making money again!

Meanwhile, Michel had created a liquid version of Calorad for himself. He immediately noticed results. Michel lost fat and inches in the first month on this new product. Plus, he gained so much more lean muscle mass through his chest, he had to shop for larger sport coats and suits! His wife, Louise, loved the results too!

Success grew from there. More tests were conducted, and more positive results created happy celebrations. Now, nearly 20 years later, millions of people have achieved dramatic results by using Calorad! Calorad is not a medication, this is a dietary supplement. Each individual is different therefore they need to try it for themselves to see how this will help them.

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